Rewriting Work Attire

Working in a corporate world means there are certain restrictions when it comes to how you dress up for the day. Being a mother with a full-time job means I hardly have time for myself. For me, a great work wardrobe includes a few basic, classic pieces with a twist, allowing you to look professional but not without the "wow" factors.

Finding and investing in these classic but unique items will not only save you from the daily problem of work outfit decision but also let you express your personal style. 



In this post, I will talk about the curated pieces that are classic (like a shirt or a shift dress) but can actually give you much more.


What are the classic pieces to invest in? For me, it is a great shirt or a silk blouse. They make every single outfit look well put together and ready for business.

This blouse is a versatile wrap top that can be worn with nice tailored trousers, a pencil skirt or, as seen here, styled with a pair of culotte. A great silk blouse not only takes you through the seasons but also speaks "she makes the effort".

Other beautiful blouses that I absolutely adore, here styled with trousers but they look great with skirts, be it A-style or pencil.

What is more basic than a shirt in your wardrobe?

I really like this shirt with paper print. With a nice tailored trouser it speaks professional but once you change up the bottom, it's a great casual piece. I recently styled it with a skinny leather pant and a studded belt for a night out. It is great when a piece can take you from 9 am right through to the evening.



Speaking of getting maximum mileage from your wardrobe, the blazer dress is one classy item which all women should have in their closet.

A blazer dress is another item that can take you 24/7/52! You can wear it by itself during the warm days or style it with a turtleneck cashmere sweater for when it gets cold. Beautiful pieces like this and this from Lane JT surely will make people turn head in the office or at a party.


For days that you want to look effortless but classy at the same time, a shift dress always work. It is classic but gives you the flexibility to move around easily. I tend to favour shift dress more now over fitted skirt for the comfortability.

Below are two of my favourite from Magonn, especially the one with dogtooth print. It is a simple piece but carries a strong statement.


I hope you find these tips helpful! Please let me know what else you would like me to cover in the next post!



Photography by Quyen Mike


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